6 monthes of devoted work for the country during the war

6 monthes of devoted work for the country during the war

This year, Ukraine’s Independence Day also marked 6 months of resistance, struggle, flexibility and resilience! 6 months of adaptability of the team and a single shared aspiration to do everything for Victory and continuity of services for vulnerable populations.

“Convictus Ukraine” has been supporting vulnerable populations for 6 months, staying side by side with international and national partners, and does not stop for a second in ensuring the sustainable implementation of the Organization’s programs.

We provide comprehensive assistance to vulnerable populations in access to diagnosis and treatment of HIV and tuberculosis; we support the functioning of shelters for IDPs; develop services for vulnerable teenagers, support children and women affected by war. Trying to respond to urgent needs, we attract humanitarian aid, implement extensive component of psychological support for internally displaced persons. Every day we work on attracting additional resources to support Ukrainians and help them to endure.

Thanks to strong partners and coordinated efforts, we have already managed to provide more than 19,862 people with vital services during the war. We are a team with a strong spirit, and in this difficult time for Ukraine, we continue to work tirelessly and provide Ukrainians with access to help,” – Yevheniia Kuvshynova, Executive Director of Convictus Ukraine.

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