A raid against drug advertising will be held in Kyiv

Date and place: April 22, 14.00, st. Mayakovsky, 29 (Desniansky district in the city of Kiev, state administration).

What to bring if you want to join: if you have the opportunity, take a paint, balloons, gloves and anything that may be suitable for painting. Activists, police and local authorities inscribe the “drug advertising” on the walls that promote the channels for selling narcotic substances. Mysterious messages on the walls of buildings or fences – this is a link to places where you can buy a drug on the Internet.

The purpose of the action ” Paint over a Path to Drugs” is to clear the Desnianskyi district from advertising signs and reduce the access of adolescents to psychoactive substances.

The event is organized by the NGO Convictus Ukraine together with the Kyiv City Public Health Center, the National Police in Kyiv, the Public Council of Desnianskyi District, Desniansky District in Kyiv, the Center for Social Services for the Family, Children and young people and with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation. The event will also be joined by representatives from the Desnyansky Regional State Unitary Enterprise in the city of Kyiv, the Desniansky District State Administration in Kyiv, and the public and charitable organizations of the district.