Mission and Purpose of the Organization

«Convictus» is a non-governmental organization that operates in three countries – Sweden, Estonia and Ukraine. 

«Convictus Ukraine» is an organization that creates effective public health services and supports vulnerable categories of the population. On 13 years already, Convictus Ukraine has been a reliable partner of state institutions and public organizations in implementing programs to counteract HIV infection, tuberculosis, other socially dangerous diseases, reintegrate former prisoners into society and assist women who have suffered violence.


The mission of the organization is to create effective public health services and support vulnerable categories of the population.


The image of the organization is to build a healthy and safe future for Ukraine.

Our Guiding Principles:

  • Tolerance and respect for every individual and each person’s choice;
  • Confidentiality, anonymity and data protection;
  • Stakeholder involvement in priority setting;
  • Openness to cooperation and partnership;
  • No religious or political bias in the Organization.

Our Target Groups:

  • Persons who use drugs;
  • Sex workers;
  • Immediate environment (family and friends) of drug users;
  • People on probation for drug-related offences;
  • Female ex-prisoners;
  • Youth (under 25 years old);
  • Internally displaced women, victims of violence;
  • Government and public sector organizations.

Main work approaches to pursuing our mission:

  • Capacity building and broad cooperation;
  • Gender sensitivity;
  • Professional service delivery to the Organization’s target groups;
  • Peer-to-per specialized care and support;
  • Unity in vision and commitment to the mission of the Organization;
  • Flexibility in responding to changes in drug scenes, legislation and other impacts.

Our Values:

  • Democratic governance;
  • Sensitivity and commitment to the needs of our clients;
  • Planning and development;
  • Teamwork and reliability;
  • Positive public image and unity;
  • Human rights.

2017-2019 Strategic Priority Areas of “Convictus Ukraine”:

Strategic Priority Area 1.

Preventing the spread of HIV and other socially dangerous diseases (STIs, TB, Hepatitis) among the most at-risk populations and ensuring access of key populations to health care and treatment.

Strategic Priority Area 2.

Promoting criminal justice, health care (public health acre) and social policy reforms in Ukraine.

Strategic Priority Area 3.

Mobilizing women to end domestic and gender-based violence; strengthening and empowering internally displaced women; protecting women’s rights and promoting gender equality.

Strategic Priority Area 4.

Strengthening organizational capacity.

Our History

Convictus was founded in Sweden in 1986 by activists, journalists and social workers who decided to join efforts to combat the HIV epidemic and provide support to vulnerable populations.

Convictus has been operating the centres for HIV-positive, drug users, alcohol dependent and homeless in Stockholm for 35 years. These people are given an opportunity to start their lives again and improve their emotional state and health.

Convictus Estonia was established in October 2002 with the support of Convictus Sweden. The organization is engaged in harm reduction programs, drug counselling, prison reintegration, and peer support groups for HIV-positive people. Convictus Estonia actively participates in campaigns to reduce stigma and discrimination against people who use drugs.

In 2006, Convictus started its operations in Ukraine. With the support of Convictus Sweden and the Sida International Development and Cooperation Agency, a group of Ukrainian activists began to support the social reintegration of persons given alternative sentences for drug offences.

In 2008, Convictus Ukraine launched HIV prevention programs for the most at-risk populations of Kyiv. Shortly after that, the Convictus Community Centre was opened to provide anonymous and free counselling and advice, personal protective equipment, and individual problem-solving assistance to people vulnerable to HIV. The Organization also started outreach and street work among drug users and sex workers.

In 2009, Convictus Ukraine expanded its reach to small towns and villages of the Kyiv region focusing on HIV prevention and support. Today, HIV prevention and treatment programs are among our top priorities and cover over 15,000 people in Ukraine annually. Convictus consulting centres operate in different parts of the capital city and offer quality care and support, comprehensive HIV information, rapid testing, and assistance with dispensary registration and HIV treatment for at-risk populations.

In 2010, the Halfway House was established within the Three-Step Probation and Post-Prison Reintegration Program in Ukraine Project funded by SIDA and supported by the Swedish Prison and Probation Service and the State Department of Ukraine for Execution of Sentences. This is a unique institution with a targeted program, free of charge and free from any political or religious bias, that facilitates social integration of women released from prison. Over the years, the integration program has proved effective and demonstrated to the local government that addressing the needs of women in crisis should be among top priorities. In 2017, the Halfway House was transferred to the Kharkiv Oblast and receives local funding to continue its operations as initially planned under the project funded by the government of Sweden. Today, the Centre successfully operates and helps women make a smooth transition to life outside.

In 2013, Convictus Ukraine expanded its operations, programs and projects into new areas. Investing in organizational capacity opened doors to new opportunities and new partnerships.

In 2016, Convictus Ukraine launched programs aimed at countering domestic and gender-based violence and assisting internally displaced women. The Organization engaged into advocacy to promote public participation in policymaking and ensure sustainability of services and projects developed in the framework of international aid programmes. In addition, Convictus Ukraine started a new activity aimed at counteracting discrimination and ensuring equal rights and opportunities.

2016 marked the beginning of an incredibly important activity, preventing HIV among children and youth who use drugs. Our organization opened the STREET POWER youth club that offers a wide range of services for adolescents in difficult life circumstances, including HIV testing, health care and social support, harm reduction training, therapy, legal advice, fun games, hobby classes and leisure activities. We also teach courses and organize events at schools and colleges to prevent the spread of deadly diseases and promote safe sexual practices.

Today, Convictus Ukraine is committed to ensuring equal rights to healthcare and social security and improving the quality of life of vulnerable populations. We have a wide network of partners among government and public sector organizations that are open to cooperation in achieving a common goal.

  • Registration Date: 14 June 2007
  • Document No: Series А01, Certificate No. 625752
  • Issued by: Shevchenkivska Regional State Administration in Kyiv
  • Founded by: NGO Convictus Sweden



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