Adapting TB detection and treatment in the times of war: Apostrophe TV

Adapting TB detection and treatment in the times of war: Apostrophe TV

On the 1st of November, Apostrophe TV presented a new episode of the Apostrophe Health series. Guests of the program discussed how the war affected the situation with tuberculosis (TB) in the country.

One of the guest speakers was Yana Terleyeva, Head of the TB Management and Control Department at the Public Health Center of Ukraine. She told about the current number of registered TB cases among Ukrainians, the new barriers that patients and doctors are facing, innovative technologies in TB care and their implementation during the war, and about the effective cooperation with the WHO allowing to ensure proper TB control and care for Ukrainians in different countries of the world where they came fleeing the war.

PATH Program Officer Volodymyr Kochanov shared the progress of his organization in implementing digital technologies to support TB treatment adherence, allowing to ensure remote control of treatment administration, such as video DOT and Smart Box.

Ihor Kuzin, the Deputy Minister of Health and the Chief Sanitary Doctor of Ukraine, told how the Ukrainian health system adapted to the war and how the work with IDPs is organized for people not to interrupt their treatment. It should be noted that the Ministry of Health actively applies the principle of extraterritoriality, so that patients are able to access the required health care where they are irrespective of where they signed their declarations with family doctors.

Kateryna Matvienko, TB doctor and Head of the First Clinical and Diagnostic Department of Poltava Regional TB Treatment Hospital shared her experience of implementing video DOT and Smart Box approaches, which she has been using since June this year. Those innovative approaches help to ensure the uninterrupted treatment of TB patients.

You can watch the video here