Advocacy Activities

Over the course of ten years, Convictus Ukraine has been actively involved in promoting reform of the criminal executive (probation) service, health care and social policy of Ukraine. Representatives of our organization participate in a number of consultative and advisory bodies, enabling us to influence the formation of state policy, to suggest proposals to local and national programs and other normative documents, including methods of solving problems of key populations and prevent ill-being of people.


Convictus Ukraine implements the following programs in this area:


  • «Joining efforts – safe community». The purpose of the activity is to create effective interaction of the territorial community, police and local authorities in the Desnyansky district of Kyiv, which promotes the implementation of police accountability, community engagement in identifying and solving community security problems, establishing and maintaining public order, upholding prevention of crime, and developing a safe environment in the community. The project is implemented with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation.


  • «Ensuring sustainability of harm reduction programs». The purpose of the activity is to ensure the sustainable development of harm reduction programs in the Kyiv city and Kyiv oblast by attracting funds from local budgets and ensuring accountable and effective use of local budget expenditures in the health care sector. The activity is implemented with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation.


  • «PITCH Partnership to Inspire, Transform and Connect HIV Response». The project goal is to increase the organizational capacity and ownership of leaders to influence regional and national HIV policies. The financial support of the initiatives is provided by the International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands and Aidsfonds. Countries where the project is being implemented are Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam, Nigeria, Mozambique. In Ukraine, the project is administered through the ICF “Alliance of Public Health”.


Contact person: Yevheniia Kuvshynova, Executive Director,