An interesting and intense festival was held “Professions of the city Vyshneve”

Children were waited by theatrical performances, contests, competitions, and most importantly – the opportunity to personally meet with representatives of various professions. The Convictus team also joined a useful initiative and told the children about the profession of a social worker. Using the example of a homeless story, Kostya told kids about why people are often left without documents and property, what kind of support they need, and how social workers help such people in difficult life circumstances.

At first, a mini-lecture about the profession itself was waiting for the children, and then the practical task was to take homeless Kostya to a doctor or psychologist. Another object of interest of curious children was the mobile outpatient clinic. Most of all the kids were interested: why this car looks strange and has, in addition to the seats, a table where it goes and who most often receives help. It should be noted that not only children, but also adults showed interest in social work. Parents were interested in the range of services of our organization, real examples of the provision of effective assistance, features of prevention among vulnerable groups.

We are grateful to all visitors for their interest in our business!