Case manager

Case manager

All-Ukrainian charitable organization ” Konviktus UKRAINE” announces a competition to attract a specialist – Case Manager.

“Konviktus” – a non-governmental organization that works in three countries – Sweden, Estonia and Ukraine, supporting vulnerable people to improve their quality of life and health. The organization’s activities in Ukraine began in 2006. For 12 years,Convictus has been a reliable partner of state institutions and public organizations in the implementation of programs to combat HIV infection, tuberculosis, other socially dangerous diseases, reintegrate former prisoners into society and assist women who have suffered violence.

The vacancy was opened in the framework of the project “Medical and psychosocial support of patients receiving the drug PTA.”

Functional responsibilities:

Motivational counseling of potential clients to participate in the PTA program and social support.

Organizing a social support program for customers who are already receiving PTA.

P Psychosocial counseling patients PTA program.

Referring clients who received a positive HIV test result to a medical institution, putting them under medical supervision, working to develop adherence to ARV therapy in order to preserve the client’s health.

Maintaining primary records: personal files of social support for project clients. Providing services to customer needs.

Our general requirements for candidates:

  • Possession of information about the specifics and characteristics of the environment and subculture of drug users. Experience with addicted to psychoactive substances.
  • Knowledge of the organization of the process of social support for patients at the RRT.
  • Psychosocial counseling skills.
  • Knowledge of HIV / AIDS: prevention, ways of transmission, treatment, possession of information about the network of organizations providing services in the field of HIV / AIDS.
  • Experience in health care, social work.
  • Experience in advising representatives of risk groups and providing social support services.
  • Tolerant attitude towards vulnerable groups.
  • Ability to work with documentation and computer.
  • Personal qualities and skills: focus on results, interpersonal skills, punctuality, vigor, willingness to learn, a high level of personal self-organization, non-conflict , decency and honesty, the ability to quickly find the necessary information, the ability to work in a team.

We offer:

  • Opportunity for professional growth.
  • The possibility of learning.
  • The opportunity to realize and develop themselves.
  • Young and friendly staff.

The level of payment according to the results of the interview.

Send your resume to an email address

[email protected]