Comment on the Center on Psychosocial Care

This is a story about a woman who has suffered physical and psychological abuse for many years. Alla twice tried to escape from her husband-tyrant. Once she even turned for help and began rehabilitation. But later Alla heard her husband’s apologies and returned to him. The second time, Alla was sent to the Psychosocial Care Center “Convictus Ukraine” on the initiative of Vita’s eldest daughter. The girl witnessed the brutal beating of her mother by her stepfather – 42-year-old Oleg. Vita wrote a letter to the editor of one of the most popular programs on Ukrainian television. She begged journalists to help her mother. In the program “Affects Everyone” (“Inter” TV channel), Alla has told her story and agreed to rehabilitation in our centre.

Now Alla has been on rehabilitation for more than a month and appeals to all women with an appeal – “Do not tolerate violence!”.