Convictus conducted training for employees of the Department on the execution of criminal penalty

Evgeniy Sklyarenko, Project Manager, Convictus, conducted training for the Desnyansky District Sector of the Central Interregional Office on the Execution of Criminal Sentences and Probation of the Ministry of Justice.

 At the training, we talked about the features of working with people (especially adolescents) who use narcotic substances, the effects during overdose, and the causes of drug use. Evgeniy Sklyarenko recommended the following recommendations to the employees of the Department for the Execution of Criminal Sentences and Probation:

  -try to reduce the barriers between the worker and the addict during conversations;

  -make it clear to the drug user that she can always ask for help;

  -starting with yourself – motivate by own example.

If you realize that you have a person with an overdose of drugs, you need to prick him “Naloxone” – a drug that restores breathing reduces the sedative effect and euphoria. The expert also advised to pay attention to working with parents. Children usually use drugs in families where: 

– any initiative of children is always punished;

– there are no sincere conversations and family meetings;

– everything happens “by default”;- parents do not show real feelings.

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