“Convictus” continues preventive actions

On the evening of December 1, AIDS Day, our team, together with partners, joined the two large-scale events.

From morning, in the Vyshgorod of Kiev, left mobile clinic of “Convicts”. During the day, city residents had the opportunity to undergo free and anonymous HIV testing, get acquainted with promotional materials, get condoms and professional advice from doctors – a psychologist, a TB doctor, an infectious diseases specialist and social workers.

While testing continued in the mobile clinic, social workers agitated for a safe and active lifestyle, talked about HIV and tuberculosis prevention, motivated to monitor their health and regularly undergo a physical examination, and also reminded of a tolerant attitude towards people living with HIV and tuberculosis.

Altogether, 58 people underwent rapid HIV testing, and no positive result was found.

In parallel, in Kiev city, our organization joined the “Test under the Clouds” awareness-raising campaign. At this event, for the first time in Ukraine, mass voluntary testing for HIV was carried out at a bird’s eye height – more than 40 meters – right at the top of the Ferris wheel. Also, everyone could test the new oral (salivary) rapid HIV tests.

Traditionally, there were three mobile clinics where HIV testing and prevention of this disease were conducted.

Only our experts tested 33 people, and one result was the call sign. About 100 people, thanks to social workers, learned more about a safe lifestyle, informed about the ways of HIV / AIDS transmission, and distributed personal protective equipment.

In Kiev, the action was organized by the ICF “Alliance of Public Health” in conjunction with the All-Ukrainian Society of Institutional Education “Convictus Ukraine”, the Kiev City Center for Social Services for Family, Children and Youth, the All-Union Charitable Foundation “Drop In Center”, CO Club “Eney” and CO “ALLIAN SGLOBAL”

The event in Vyshgorod was held by the Convictus Ukraine, in cooperation with the Vyshgorod Central District Hospital, “100 percent of life. Kiev”, the Stop TB Association Partnership. Ukraine”, TBpeopleUkraine, Vyshgorod district organization “Red Cross of Ukraine” with the assistance of Vyshgorod city council and Vyshgorod district state administration.

The action took place with the technical support of the IFA “Public Health Alliance” and the PITCH project in Ukraine.