Convictus employees improved their knowledge on HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and hepatitis prevention

Our organization expands work with risk groups in the city of Kiev. New employees joined us, so we conduct training to provide the required level of knowledge.

The following questions were considered at the training session “Effective work with people who inject drugs”:

✓ Ways of infection with HIV/ AIDS, disease features, diagnosis of human immunodeficiency virus;

✓ Foundations of social support for HIV-positive people, redirection to medical institutions, prescription antiretroviral therapy;

✓Prevention of drug addiction, substitution maintenance therapy, institutions for redirecting drug addicts;

✓Detection and diagnosis of co-morbidities (tuberculosis, hepatitis B and C, sexually transmitted infections), institutions for redirecting clients;

✓ Improvement of project documentation skills;

✓ Personal safety of a social worker, when dealing with sick clients.

Let’s remind that HIV/A IDS prevention activities among risk groups and access to treatment for risk groups are being implemented by our organization in Kyiv and the Kyiv region with the support of the Alliance of Public Health  (at the expense of the Global Fund).

Each year our organization provides services to about 27,000 key group members, tests more than 23,000 clients for HIV, provides access to HIV treatment for 800 people.