“Convictus” together with Vasilkovsky District Council will open a center for women affected by violence

In order to provide effective legal, psychological assistance to injured women, Convictus Ukraine and local authorities have already agreed to establish an institution that will be open before the end of the year 2018.

Yulia Tsarevskaya, Project Manager, Convictus Ukraine, in an interview with the Vzglyad news agency, told:

“The leadership of  Vasilkovsky District Council appealed to us for help, because we have the material base, methodological materials, and experience. We agreed on the importance of opening such an institution. Now the project is funded by the European Commission, in the future, there will be funding from the district budget. Now the institution at the stage of creation, we plan to open it by the end of this year. The district council has already found a room for it. We have transferred all our methodological materials, we will assist in the selection and training of specialists, while repair work will continue.

For our part, we will try to attract further donor funds for the effective existence of the center, to promote the training of specialists abroad. It will be a center for women with or without children, but victims of violence. It is very important for us that this institution is accessible to all. Within its walls, it will be possible to receive not only psychological, legal assistance, but also household, where it will be possible to live up to 6 months so that women have the opportunity to come and start a new life.

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