Convictus Ukraine conducted the preventive campaign in the Desnianskyi District

Today, 20, May, there was the preventive campaign “Pass a test on HIV – save life” in the Desnianskyi district. The event was aimed at attracting the attention of Kyiv residents to the problem of spreading HIV infection and prevention of people from being ignorant in order to preserve their health. The event was dedicated to the Day of Remembrance of AIDS Deaths, commemorated by the World Health Organization on the third Sunday of May each year.

The campaign “Pass a test on HIV ­– save life” was organized by the All Ukrainian Charitable Organization “Convictus Ukraine” together with the Desnianskyi District in the city of Kyiv the Center for Social Services for the Family, Children and Youth, Desnianska District Organization of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine, and the charitable organization “The World without dependence”, with the support of the International Charitable Foundation “Alliance for Public Health” and the Foundation “Anti-AIDS-Ukraine”.

During the campaign, the team of the “Convictus Ukraine”, together with the volunteers, conducted informative and cognitive quests and competitions, distributed booklets on health maintenance, distributed personal protection equipment. At the same time, the mobile ambulant clinic worked for the participants of the event, where all those who wished could consult a doctor and pass the free HIV testing. A total of 42 persons passed a rapid HIV test; two persons received a positive test result and were sent to health care facilities for further examination.

According to WHO / UNAIDS, Ukraine is still a high HIV prevalence region among Central and Eastern European countries. From the beginning of 1987 to March 2018, 319 976 HIV-infected Ukrainian citizens were officially registered in Ukraine, including 104 443 AIDS cases and 45 775 deaths due to illnesses that caused the acquired immune deficiency syndrome. As of 1, April, 2018, there were 143 766 HIV-infected Ukrainian citizens in health care facilities, 45 019 of which were diagnosed with AIDS.

Nowadays, Kyiv has one of the highest indexes of HIV prevalence among other cities in Ukraine, – Yevheniia Kuvshyova says. – In the capital, as of 1, April, 2018, there are 13 201 registered in the health care facilities, including 2 864 people with AIDS. Only this year (from January to April 2018) more than 600 new cases of HIV infection and 89 deaths from AIDS were recorded in Kyiv. And this is just official statistics. According to evaluation data, 23 100 HIV-infected persons live in the capital, therefore only one in two knows about his HIV status.

“Convictus” is a non-governmental organization that operates in three countries – Sweden, Estonia and Ukraine – and provides assistance to vulnerable populations to improve their quality of life and health. “Convictus” was created in Stockholm by activists who united to fight HIV / AIDS in 1985. In Estonia “Convictus” began work in 2001.

The Organization was established in Ukraine in 2006. For 10 years now, “Convictus” has been partnering with government institutions and NGOs to implement programs to fight HIV infection, TB and other socially dangerous diseases, improving the social reintegration of ex-prisoners into community and provide assistance to women victims of violence.

Every year, our organization covers of HIV preventive services more than 20 000 persons of risk groups. Also, “Convictus Ukraine” conducts about 25 000 HIV tests and provide support before standard medical examination in HIV connection and receive treatment (antiretroviral therapy, including support services) for more than 900 persons in Kyiv and Kyiv region.

Each year, our organization covers of preventive actions more than 15 000 persons from the general population.