Convictus Ukraine demonstrates innovative models for involving risk groups in HIV treatment

Yesterday, was an important and busy day. Our team received a visit from representatives of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). We have demonstrated a model, based on our organization, where a risk representative / representative undergoes HIV testing on one site, in case of a positive result goes to the dispensary (K) and receives ART drugs. This is a unique experience for the region of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, where a full range of services, from HIV testing to treatment, are provided in a convenient place for NGOs in a convenient location for those at increased risk of infection.

During the meeting, we discussed with our American colleagues the accomplishments and challenges that exist within the framework of social support for at-risk clients and their possible solutions in Kyiv. The guests were interested in the details of working with HIV-positive persons: the reasons why the client is not given ART immediately when applying for a KT, the algorithm of actions of social workers during bringing to ART, the scheme of appointment of ART, detailing work on commitment, etc.

Representatives of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were pleased with how Convictus Ukraine organized HIV testing and treatment services, and we plan to continue to improve this model, that is, to create the most barrier-free space for key groups in receiving treatment for HIV infection.

For the second year in a row, Convictus has been implementing the project “Improving HIV detection and access to treatment among people who inject drugs in Ukraine”. The purpose of the activity is to expand the treatment of HIV among people who inject drugs and have HIV status by effectively detecting cases of immunodeficiency virus in the community and providing social support using a case management approach. The program is funded by ICF Public Health Alliance with support from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.