“Convictus Ukraine” tested the residents of Kyiv on the eve of AIDS Day

Today, our organization has participated in three outreach events dedicated to World AIDS Day.

In the morning, our staff joined the HIV: ON: HIV event where the HIV Test mobile application was presented. Anyone who downloads this application and takes the online test from December 1 to December 14 will be able to receive a rewards surprise. Traditional testing also took place: in just a few hours more than 50 people tested in our mobile clinic (no positive result). The action is organized “100% of Life” – PLHIV, Public Health Center and with the support of partners.

Towards noon, on Contract Square, testing of everyone who wanted innovative salivary tests began (test #Tky under the clouds). As a reward for taking care of your health, all participants can climb the scroll wheel for free. Our specialists tested 83 people for HIV, more than 100 people received information cards and condoms. The organizers of this initiative are the Alliance for Public Health Alliance, the Public Health Center of Ukraine together with CONVictus Ukraine, Drop In Center, and ALLIANCE.Global.

We also conducted HIV testing among the students of the Patrol Police Academy (the action “Know Your Status is Modern!”). In total, 27 people protested. More than 100 people were informed about ways of spreading HIV, treatment and prevention of this disease, methods of personal safety. Particular attention was paid to the questions / answers of police representatives regarding post-contact disease prevention. Partners: ICF Public Health Alliance, AHF Ukraine, Patrol Police Academy.