Customer survey and identification of their needs are being continued

Within the PITCH project continues a survey of customers, who visit our sites, are being continued. In order to collect information and improve the services of the “Convictus”, each visitor to the Community receives a special questionnaire, where the question is his needs and the quality of the rendered services. We note that customers are happy to answer the questions and try to specificate their requests as high as possible.

The Partnership to Inspire, Transform and Connect HIV response (PITCH) helps people who are most affected by HIV to receive full and equal access to HIV and reproductive health services. The program strengthens the capacity of community organizations to support the rights of groups most affected by HIV, through active participation in advocacy, the collection of a solid evidence base and the development of meaningful policy decisions.

PITCH is a strategic partnership between Aidsfonds, the International HIV / AIDS Alliance and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.