Evgeniya Kuvshinova told the business audience about social work

This Sunday morning, FIRST Ukrainian Legal Festival gathered interesting and unusual speakers from around the world. So, just imagine – each speaker is a bright leader in his sphere! Speakers told the audience about their victories and failures, business strategies, ways to achieve success and shared their methods of motivation.

The highlight of the festival was the performance of the famous business-coach Itzhak Pintusevich. He personally did not visit Kiev, however, he made a motivational video guide especially for guests of the event. According to the coach, among the main useful skills are active actions, perseverance, concentration, and endurance.

Among the speakers who gathered at the Parkovіy Exhibition Center was the executive director “Convictus” Evgeniya Kuvshinova. Her presentation focuses on personal achievements in the social sphere and the path to success for a charitable organization. Evgeniya Kuvshinova spoke to the business audience about the main stages of the organization’s development, in particular, the provision of services to drug addicts and advocacy for their interests, HIV prevention, education for vulnerable children, and the fight against violence against women, the reintegration of people released from prison.

Especially those present were affected by the statistics that were voiced during the presentation. Every time they heard the success story of the project or direction, the audience applauded vividly. The most emotional was the reaction to the information on the work of the Center for Psychosocial Care for women victims of violence and the reintegration program of the establishment “House on halfway”.

A representative of the public sector was the director of the Probation Center Oleg Yanchuk. He told the audience about probation in our country, the developments in this area and the importance of change for the country.

Other speakers at the event include the owner of the Pravda  TV channel, Ivan Grishin, physiognomist Alexander Ivanov, lawyer Igor Pokotilo, “Vernum Bank” Board Chairman Natalia Ignatchenko, Lavrynovych & Partners Law Firm managing partner, Maxim Lavrinovich, poet Vanya Akimov, politician Inna Boguslovska, businessman Tigran Nersisyan .

Thank you for the wonderful and informative event organized by the festival Olga Angelovskaya.

Watch more photos https://www.facebook.com/convictus.ukraine/posts/1970424786334112