Forming healthy lifestyle skills among vulnerable adolescents

Forming healthy lifestyle skills among vulnerable adolescents


The purpose of the activity is to prevent infection with HIV, hepatitis, tuberculosis and other dangerous diseases among vulnerable adolescents; prevention of substance use among vulnerable adolescents; formation of healthy lifestyle skills.


We are developing prevention work with vulnerable adolescents in Kyiv and Kyiv oblast, working on the formation of the priority of local authorities to the development of sex education programs, healthy recreation, development of leadership potential among adolescents.


Target group: vulnerable adolescents (10–19 years old) who have experience of the use of psychoactive substances and practice risky behavior.


Area components


Center for social and psychological support to families with children who use psychoactive substances

The activity is implemented jointly with the Kyiv City Center for Social Services for Families, Children and Youth of the executive body of the Kyiv City Council (Kyiv City State Administration) within the framework of the City Target Program “Children. Family. Capital for 2019-2021″.

The program also includes a youth club “Street Power” – a safe place where teenagers can have fun and meaningful leisure, as well as receive the following services:

  • Psychologist’s consultations and individual support;
  • Consultations of a social worker, medical worker; rapid HIV testing;
  • Participation in interesting thematic activities aimed at personal development, acquisition of new knowledge and skills;
  • Participation in group classes on prevention of socially dangerous diseases (HIV, hepatitis, TB, STIs) with the use of prevention-themed board games; counseling on safe sexual behavior, reproductive health, contraception.

The club features various classes and exciting events.


Contact person:

Alla Melnyk, Project Manager, [email protected]