Initiative groups in Kyiv region have completed their projects

Initiative groups in Kyiv region have completed their projects

The projects completed by the initiative groups in Kyiv region within the project “Integrated humanitarian response in the conditions of war and post-war reconstruction” have proved to be successful.

In the Zhorniv community, where Vershyna-1 NGO drilled a well, residents of the village now have an accessible source of water supply, where they can wash their children’s hands when going home from the playground, take a few sips of water when thirsty or even get some drinking water for their household needs. The Zhorniv club finally has water supply. The project allows thousands of community residents to use the well and have access to the drinking water.

Dopomoha Blyzhnyomu NGO equipped a social laundry for IDPs. People who had to leave their homes because of the war have an opportunity to feel a little warmer and cozier. The charity equipped a kitchen with a fridge, where people can have tea or coffee while they do their laundry. Besides, the charity has received telescopic legs to organize the space, shelves for the baby food, and a table for HIV/hepatitis testing. Over 130 IDPs have already used the services offered here.

About 10 thousand people from the Hora community are now able to use autonomous water sources after local wells were cleaned as part of the project. Cleaning of the wells allowed restoring or improving operation of the natural water sources, which is of utmost importance in the times of war, when additional sources of water supply are needed.

We would like to thank the initiative groups for their work, their inspiring projects and their desire to make a difference in the lives of their communities!