Journalists from all over Ukraine will learn to cover the problem of drug addiction

Representatives of the leading national and regional media visited the capital on the training “Drug dependence: know to help.”

During the event, the editors and journalists learned about the drug scene in Ukraine and the world, the preconditions for the emergence of addiction, types of modern drugs, rehabilitation of drug addicts, substitution maintenance therapy (SMT), peculiarities of drug dependence, effective treatment methods and tolerant attitude towards representatives of vulnerable groups.

In the second half of the day, the representatives of these media, together with the trainers, attended the “Sociotherapy”, the “Convictus” community and the “Street Power” youth club – a community-center for vulnerable teenagers.

During the excursion, the editors and journalists were able to see modern methods of work with drug addicts and to see the effectiveness of such approaches.

Training for Journalists “Narcotic Addiction: To Know To Help!” was organized by the Convictus Ukraine and the Alliance for Public Health within the framework of the PITCH in Ukraine.