Member of Parliament supports the Convictus Initiatives

The meeting between People’s Deputy Bogdan Yaremenko (SN) and representatives of “Convictus” Alla Melnyk and Yevgeny Sklyarenko has just ended. They discussed the experience of our organization in the prevention of socially dangerous diseases, the need to implement a program for Desnianskyi district to reduce harm among injecting drug users, safe initiatives to improve the interaction between the authorities and the community of the district.

Member of Parliament Bogdan Yaremenko has promised to support and promote social projects aimed at improving and maintaining the health of the residents of Desnyanskiy district, including members of vulnerable groups.

The meeting was part of the project “Joining Efforts – a Safe Community”, supported by the International Renaissance Foundation. The purpose of the activity is to form an effective interaction between the territorial community, the police and the local authorities of the Desnyanskiy district of Kyiv, which facilitates the implementation of police accountability, community involvement in identifying and solving community security issues, establishing and maintaining law enforcement, ensuring crime prevention, developing crime. “.