Mobilizing women against violence, ensuring respect for human rights and gender equality

The annexation of the Crimea and the warfare in the East gave rise to a new term in the history of Ukraine – “internally displaced persons”. The untimely response of the state to the problems caused by the military conflict has led to the surge of all forms of violence against IDP women. Taking into account the new challenges, in 2016, Convictus Ukraine launched a campaign to mobilize displaced women against domestic and gender violence, which was later transformed in the activity on counteracting violence against women. In this area Convictus Ukraine implements such programs:


  • «Mobilization of internally displaced women against gender-based and domestic violence». The main objective is to counter and prevent violence in Ukrainian society. Within this activity, the Center for Psychosocial Assistance for Women Affected by Violence operates. The facility is located near Kyiv and has a capacity to comfortably accommodate 15 people (women with children) at the same time. The center is running a rehab program, and employs skilled professionals who provide assistance to victims. The activity is carried out in cooperation with the analytical center “Socioconsulting” with the support of the European Commission.


  • «Equal access of women affected by violence to the assistance». The aim of the activity is to reduce the risks of violence, traumatism, re-traumatization, and the spread of socially dangerous diseases among marginalized women through increasing the access of the victims of violence to the assistance through providing shelters/centers for the victims. The project is implemented with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation.


Contact person: Yuliya Tsarevska, project manager,