Named the winners of the competition “Violence and marginalized women: recognize, understand, overcome!”

Finally, we received the names of the winners of the media competition “Violence and marginalized women: recognize, understand, overcome!” From the jury. In order to determine the best work, I had to hold several meetings, not one discussion and discussion. In total, 36 works were received from different regions of Ukraine.

1. Nomination of online media. Winners: Kateryna Matsyupa (Respect – Campaign Against Sexism – and Oksana Rasulova (Reporters –

2. TV/Radio nomination. The winner was not determined, as the submitted works dealt with the issue of violence, but did not cover aspects of access to assistance for marginalized women.

3. Nomination print press. There is no winner, but there is a special distinction for the publication of “Porto-Franco” and the deputy editor-in-chief Alexander Halas – for personal indifference to the problems of marginalized women. This difference does not imply a monetary reward!

P.S. The nomination funds, which do not determine the winners, will be distributed in favor of an online media nomination and assistance to a shelter in the Vasylkiv district, where marginalized women receive assistance.