Notes on the training: how to submit correctly the stories about tuberculosis

At the training for journalists of regional media on tuberculosis, together with media specialists, they determined the basic rules when creating materials about TB:

  •  Explain to the reader the problem and prevention of the disease, and not intimidate it (reference on the extent of tuberculosis, treatment features, programs and projects aimed at solving the problem);
  •   Communicate the algorithms of actions: what to do in case of a diagnosis – where to go for help, except for the hospital (contacts of civil society, charitable organizations, etc.);
  •  As much as possible to understand the specifics of the problem (avoid hard vocabulary, correctly write about facts and statistics, and reliably cover the opinions of experts)
  •  Write positive stories and introduce the heroes who have overcome tuberculosis;
  •   Form a tolerant attitude towards people with tuberculosis.

We recall that, on July 25, in Kiev gathered 13 editors and journalists from problem regions with a large burden of the epidemic of tuberculosis. For a whole day, information prevention sessions, discussion blocks and hands-on training continued. The final of the training was discussion of future topics of journalistic materials.

Training is organized by the Partnership “Stop TB. Ukraine “in partnership with “Convictus Ukraine” with the technical and financial support of the” Challenge of Tuberculosis “project, which is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented in Ukraine by the PATH organization.

Many thanks to the trainers and all the participants for the informative event!