Partner’s visit within the PITCH project

Andriy Tolopylo (NGO “Odessa Human Rights Group “Veritas”) visited the central office of “Convictus Ukraine”. The development of cooperation, the formation of common tasks and the registering of successful advocacy practices were discussed at the meeting.

The planned visit was held in the framework of the exchange of experience of the Ukrainian partners of the PITCH project – The Partnership to Inspire, Transform and Connect the HIV response.

The Partnership to Inspire, Transform and Connect HIV response (PITCH) helps people who are most affected by HIV to receive full and equal access to HIV and reproductive health services. The program strengthens the capacity of community organizations to support the rights of groups most affected by HIV, through active participation in advocacy, the gathering of a solid evidence base and the development of meaningful policy decisions.

PITCH is a strategic partnership between Aidsfonds, the International HIV/AIDS Alliance and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.