Partnership «Stop TB. Ukraine» invites journalists of regional mass media for training

The event will be held in Kiev on July 25, 2018. During the training, participants will learn about:

– Opportunities and challenges of overcoming tuberculosis;

– modern scientific achievements for fighting tuberculosis in the world and in Ukraine;

– The high-level meeting of the UN General Assembly on tuberculosis (September 26, 2018) – the importance for overcoming tuberculosis, the main tasks and the progress of Ukraine’s preparations for this meeting;

– Opportunities for effective treatment of tuberculosis: a patient-centered approach; necessary systemic reforms to organize the provision of antituberculous care;

– Myths about tuberculosis. The effectiveness, of Soviet system treatment? Tuberculosis is affected only by marginalized groups of the population? Or all forms of tuberculosis are treated?

– Modern approaches to overcoming the tuberculosis epidemic. Discussion of the experience on other countries.

The training will be conducted by Natalia Zaika and Alexander Galyas with the participation of representatives of the Public Health Ministry of Ukraine, leading specialists in phthisiology and representatives of patient organizations.