Presentation of work on the prevention of overdose when using psychoactive substances

Yesterday, on 18, January, the International Anti-Drug Association held the All-Ukrainian Anti-Drug Camp for narcologists, which was attended by not only profile specialists, but also stars of the show business – actors of the “Quarter-95” studios.

Within the event, Yevhen Sklyarenko and Oleksandr Volontyr, the employees of “Convictus Ukraine”, shared the work on the prevention of overdose when using psychoactive substances. The presentation sparked a heated discussion among camp participants. As a result, all agreed that it is necessary to maximally simplify community access to the medical drug Naloxon.

It should be noted that overdose is one of the reasons for the deaths of consumers of psychoactive substances, which for a long time were alone with this problem, since the drug Naloxone (is used in case of overdose of opiates) was available only on prescription.

Also at the event, representatives of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine presented changes regarding the spread of the medical drug Naloxone – now this medication can be purchased without a prescription.