Preventive action on the occasion of the World Health Day in Vasylkiv

There was a preventive action on the occasion of the World Health Day in the Vasylkiv Central Hospital. During the event, 251 persons expressed their desire to check their health, including:

  • HIV testing: 42 persons, no positive result;
  • hepatitis C testing: 42 persons, 1 positive result;
  • determination of blood sugar content: 54 persons, 5 persons referral to pre-examination;
  • 60 persons did the fluorography, pre-examination was recommended for 2 persons;
  • blood pressure was measured in 54 persons, 7 persons were refered for pre-examination.

Social workers of the All Ukrainian Charitable Organization “Convictus Ukraine” distributed the leaflets and brochures on the prevention of socially dangerous diseases to the participants of the event.

The administration of the hospital plans to hold such events in order to attract the attention of the population of Vasylkiv to the need of the systematic holding the preventive medical examinations and early detection of diseases.

Thanks to everyone who has joined to the organization and the event!