Progress review of the work with target groups for 2017

On 22, January, a working meeting was held with the Function Supervisors, aimed at progress review of the work with target groups (providing social services) for the last year and identifying priority activities in the current year 2018, in particular: counteraction of the spread of HIV infection among high-risk groups for HIV infection; support and social protection of people living with HIV; preventing domestic, gender-based violence, trafficking in human beings and providing the necessary social services to victims of such violence.

It should be noted that in Ukraine a network of state and municipal specialized institutions is established, the activities of which provide for the provision of various social services to vulnerable groups of the population, in particular: persons who are not able to serve themselves independently (elderly people, people with disabilities); citizens who need special support from the state (children and young people who have been in difficult life circumstances, internally displaced persons, the members of Kyiv’s Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) and their families), etc.

In addition to such institutions, there are a number of service NGOs whose activities are also aimed at providing social services to individuals and groups of people in need of third-party assistance in problem solving that have caused or are likely to cause disadvantages.

It should be noted that today, non-governmental organizations that provide services to vulnerable groups of the population are full-fledged partners of the state, on which authority in the organization and providing the social services should be assigned and delegated at the local level.