STREET POWER activists have joined the fight against drug trafficking

Volunteers of our youth club became participants of the large-scale event “Draw a life in love – Ukraine!”. The event was aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle and countering the dissemination of information on the sale of narcotic drugs in the streets of Ukrainian cities.

During the day, the activists of the club “STREET POWER” together with the Desnyansky district Kiev, the Center for Social Services for Family, Children and Youth, the World without Dependency, the Independent Country Foundation and the City Development Center Public Union painted over graffiti advertising the sale of narcotic drugs. As a result, appeals for a healthy lifestyle appeared on the infrastructure of the city instead of the inscriptions on the sale of drugs.

We point that Convictus Ukraine has been holding events since 2017, which form effective interaction between the territorial community, the police and the local government of the Desnyansky district of the city of Kiev. The software is implemented with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation.