Strengthening the economic independence of women, countering violence and ensuring gender equality

Strengthening the economic independence of women, countering violence and ensuring gender equality


The goal is to improve the economic well-being of women and to build affordable and effective care for vulnerable women.


The main focus of our activities is the availability of services and ensuring the provision of services based on the principles of human rights.

We understand that women who lack economic stability and security are at greater risk of trouble, violence, and dependence, so we help women become more independent, inspire them to start their own business, learn, retrain, and be the masters of their own destiny.


Since 2016, our organization has been providing technical support to Vasylkiv ATC (until 2021 – Vasylkiv district) in organizing the activities of a shelter for victims of domestic and gender-based violence. We work together with local governments to develop intersectoral cooperation in responding to violence. We attract additional resources to meet the basic needs of women and children in shelters.



Area components:




Women Included: Nurturing Growth and Security (WINGS)

The purpose of the activity is to improve the economic well-being of women belonging to vulnerable and marginalized groups in Kyiv and Kharkiv oblasts.

Target groups of the project: rural women; Roma; women with disabilities; women victims of violence; women released from prisons; women living with HIV; women affected by the war in eastern Ukraine.

The activity envisages:

  • Involvement of women in project services that will help to gain knowledge and skills in running their own business, employment, productive organization of their own lives;
  • Involvement of women in educational activities to organize their own business;
  • Providing women with tools for effective communication, tools for self-development and self-improvement.


The activity will cover Kyiv oblast (Baryshivka, Rzhyshchiv, Vasylkiv, Uzyn ATCs and Obukhiv town) and Kharkiv region (Nova Vodolaha, Blyznyuky, Oleksiivka, Kolomak ATCs and Lozova town), a total of 8 ATCs and 2 cities.

Project theory of change:

If women, in particular rural, from most vulnerable and marginalized groups, believe in their strengths, have sufficient knowledge and skills, are in a friendly development environment that strengthens the capacity to be employed or involved in entrepreneurship, they will be economically secure, leading to more inclusive economic well-being of everyone in Ukraine.

The activities are supported by the Pact Institute with funding from the Embassy of Canada in Ukraine.


Contact person:

Yuliya Tsarevska, Project Manager,








In 2020, Convictus Ukraine became a partner in Ukraine of the Trans*Map regional project with the support of the Eurasian Coalition on Health, Rights and Gender and Sexual Diversity (the project covers 6 countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia).

The activity aims to expand and strengthen HIV prevention and treatment services for trans* people in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

The activity envisages:

  • Expanding opportunities for trans* people in accessing medical and social care;
  • Ensuring compliance of services and national priorities with the needs of the target group;
  • Accumulation of strategic information for use in the development of services and programs;
  • Conducting information classes, in particular among the healthcare community.


Contact person:

Friedrich Symonenko,


Project “GBV Case Management and Life Saving Programs to Support the Recovery of GBV Survivors” 


Goal: helping survivors of gender-based violence in six facilities for GBV survivors in Kyiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Chernivtsi regions.


Target group: female survivors of gender-based violence.


Project activities: 

– Building the capacity of facilities for survivors in quality case management, in particular in cases of sexual violence;

– Comprehensive case management, social services, mental health support of survivors and targeted financial support;

– Mapping and revision of the existing services to develop roadmaps for the survivors of violence in the target regions of the project;

– Conducting 30 prevention activities covering people with the highest risks of violence;

– Approving Gender Policies in six facilities for the survivors of violence.


Project duration: 8 months (September 2022 – April 2023).

Project regions: Kyiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Chernivtsi regions.


Donor: International Medical Corps (within the USAID Prime Award).


Focal point:

Yulia Tsarevska, Project Manager,