Support provided to the households in the Kyiv region

Support provided to the households in the Kyiv region

“This world stands on the shoulders of kindhearted people who care about others” – these words of our client gave a start to our work within the project “Integrated humanitarian response in the conditions of war and post-war reconstruction.”

Within the framework of this project, we started helping households in the Kyiv region, including members of vulnerable populations affected by the war. Our support includes cash transfers to cover the basic needs of people.

Each family has its own story, with its challenges, difficulties and with people who are ready to help. Shortly, we would like to tell you about the families we have already supported.

Serhiy’s family is not rich. Serhiy’s parents are retired and the man does not have a regular job. His mother was severely sick with COVID-19, she couldn’t walk and the war hit the family really hard as they didn’t even have enough money to cover medications for Serhiy’s mother. The project allowed Serhiy to get financial support and now he is more confident about his family’s future.

Oleksand has a disability and lives with his retired mother. Because of the hostilities in the Kyiv region, the man lost his job as the warehouse where he used to work was destroyed by the enemy. Oleksandr’s family was in a very difficult situation. He couldn’t find a job and his mother’s pension was not enough to support them.

When the man heard about the project from a social worker of Convictus Ukraine, he applied and received financial support for his family.

Yulia has a daughter, she is a single mother. There were active hostilities in her hometown in Sumy region, so she had to move to her brother Bohdan’s house in Kyiv region. The woman was looking after her daughter and her niece, while her brother was working. Unfortunately, Bogdan’s business was ruined by the war and the family suffered to survive and pay for their rented apartment, buy food  and hygiene items.

A social worker from Convictus Ukraine told the family about the project and helped them receive financial support.

Maksym, PWID, unemployed. Together with his mother, stepfather and brother, Maksym evacuated from the city, which was under constant shelling of the enemy. Our social workers met both brothers at the outreach root and told them about the project.

The family filled in all the necessary documents and received financial support.

Anton and Snizhana with their two children stayed in their hometown until attacks on the city became extremely intensive. Without no big savings, the family evacuated to the Kyiv region.

Anton had irregular jobs, but the money he earned was not enough to cover their needs, so when the family learned about the project, they applied to receive financial support.

The project is going on and we believe that our support helps to bring some joy to the families affected by the war. Every day, we hear: “We thank all the Convictus team for your assistance, support and care in those hard times. You are the best!”