Team of psychologists of the #SOSChildren project in Vasylkiv

Team of psychologists of the #SOSChildren project in Vasylkiv

“Giving helps us to fill our hearts in” — this is a great quote from the team of psychologists working with the #SOSChildren project in Vasylkiv. We often tell you about the people we help, but today we would like to introduce the team of our psychologists who work in Vasylkiv.

Olga Panchuk works with adults and children who are afraid of sirens, worry about the loss of their homes and unemployment. Her professional skills help her support people so that they can cope with their challenges and accept their new realities.

Larysa Horina helps IDPs who experience fear of war, confusion, uncertainty about their future, lack of financial stability, and anxiety for their children. Larysa is doing everything possible to make sure that her professional knowledge is now “working” to help people in need. Each client has their own way, but Larysa is accompanying all her clients to their own victory.

Anna Ivakina supports the residents of Vasylkiv and IDPs who experienced russian rocket attacks. Some of them lost their family members, homes, and jobs. These people complain that they have elevated levels of anxiety, aggression, poor sleep, general health deterioration, feeling of guilt, etc. 26 years of professional experience help Anna to understand her clients and feel their needs. That helps her to build the cooperation with her clients to improve their lives.

Ihor Kotsyuba is a project coordinator and a psychologist. He sees the ruined lives of his clients and understands that in hard moments it is important just to be there for them, trying to bring people back to “now.” Ihor works with IDPs and local residents who feel fear and anxiety for their children, their homes, and uncertainty about their future. He understands how important his contribution in this project is as it is about helping people and believing that they are going to cope with their challenges!