The Partnership to Inspire, Transform and Connect the HIV response

The Partnership to Inspire, Transform and Connect the HIV response (PITCH) focuses on building the institutional capacity of NGOs to advocate for key populations. PITCH is implemented with the financial support of the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Aidsfonds in Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam, Nigeria, and Mozambique. In Ukraine, the Project is funded by the Alliance for Public Health.


PITCH aims at building a strategic partnership to end the AIDS epidemic in countries that are most affected by HIV.


PITCH seeks to ensure:

  • equal access to HIV and sexual and reproductive health related services;
  • equal opportunities for those most affected by HIV to enjoy sexual and reproductive health related services and rights;
  • equal and full rights for key populations.


PITCH works towards achieving these goals by strengthening local civil society organizations to advocate respective policy solutions.


Information and results of the projects implemented at the national level will be used to develop international policy solutions.


Convictus Ukraine is a project partner in Ukraine. In this partnership, our goal is to influence the national and regional HIV response by strengthening organizational capacity and empowering leaders.


Main Objectives:


  1. Create a pool of drug dependent activists (in cooperation with project partners) capable of advocating the group interests at the regional and national levels.
  2. Mainstream sexual and reproductive health in the general services for people living with drug dependence.
  3. Develop targeted probation programs for people living with drug dependence (targeted at adolescents).
  4. Strengthen organizational capacity for advocacy of interests and rights of people living with drug dependence at the national and regional levels.


Main Activities:


Conduct training for women and men leaders living with drug dependence, including adolescents, to strengthen their capacity in mobilizing communities and strengthening community voices.


Conduct awareness raising campaigns aimed at reducing stigma and discrimination.


Conduct reproductive health training for women leaders living with drug dependence and ensure further dissemination of the information in their community.


Build regional partnerships to set up regional priorities and advocate for sustainable HIV services.


Raise awareness of the project activities through media and information resources of the organization to engage partners and shape public opinion.