The Project Manager of “Convictus Ukraine” provided recommendations on the creation of a national program for the rehabilitation of teenagers

On 12, April, Alla Melnyk, the Project Manager for working with teenagers of risk groups, took part in the conference “Teenagers in Ukraine: the rights, needs and implementation of Comments to the General Ordering No. 20 of the State Policy”, which was prepared and conducted by the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine together with the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Ukraine. The purpose of this conference was to promote the improvement of the State Policy on the maintenance of rights and interests of teenagers in Ukraine, the identification of obstacles and ways to improve its activities in accordance with the general UN no. 20 notices.

During the discussion, the participants of the conference considered and discussed the issues of cross-sectoral cooperation and legal and regulatory barriers in working with adolescent children in Ukraine. Alla Miller made suggestions and recommendations to the UN General Assembly no. 20 to paragraph 64 on the establishment of a national program for the rehabilitation of adolescents who use narcotic substances and the opening of rehabilitation centers for children and adolescents.