The Strategy for ensuring a sustainable response to the TB and HIV/AIDS epidemics was approved for the period up to 2020 in Kyiv region

In accordance with the order № 306 of the chairman of the Kyiv regional state administration from 16, May, 2018, in Kyiv region the Strategy for ensuring a sustainable response to the tuberculosis epidemic, including chemoresistance, and HIV / AIDS epidemics, and a plan of measures for its implementation were approved for the period up to 2020.

The urgency of the Strategy is determined by the need for coordination of the state policy in the area of ​​counteraction to tuberculosis and HIV / AIDS epidemics, provision of medical and social assistance to patients with tuberculosis, HIV infection and co-infection of HIV / TB, prevention of these diseases and ensuring provision of these services at the expense of budgetary funds.

The Strategy defines the mechanisms for ensuring the planning, implementation and financing of programs and measures for prevention, treatment, care and supporting, including for representatives of the most vulnerable groups in the area of ​​TB and HIV / AIDS infections at the regional and local levels, taking into account international recommendations and better experience.

Since the beginning of the development of above mentioned epidemics in Kyiv region, a significant volume of services, in particular, preventive interventions among high-risk groups for HIV infection, care and supporting for people living with HIV, tuberculosis patients, the programs of substitution maintenance therapy, have been implemented at the expense of donor organizations by the non-governmental (public , charitable, religious and other) organizations, with almost minimal funding from the state budget.

In the context of reducing the volume of financial and technical assistance of international donor organizations, in the absence of real financial support from the state and local budgets for the further introduction of medical and social programs in the area of ​​counteraction to tuberculosis and HIV / AIDS infections, there are high risks of leveling down many years of efforts and degradation of the epidemic situation in the Kyiv region on tuberculosis, HIV infection and co-infection of HIV / TB.

Yevheniia Kuvshyova, the Executive Director of the All Ukrainian Charitable Organization “Convictus Ukraine”, points out the importance of the approval of the Strategy:

– Our organization implements the programs of counteraction of HIV / AIDS and TB in the Kyiv region during 9 years. In the year we cover the services of prevention of HIV infection by more than 11,000 persons among the risk groups and provide support before standard medical examination in HIV connection and receive treatment (antiretroviral therapy, including support services) for more than 500 persons in the Kyiv region. In a transitional period, when the programs gradually move to state and local provision, it is important for us to preserve those services that have proved effective and satisfy the needs of the inhabitants of the region, – Yevheniia Kuvshyova said.

Our organization was involved in the development of this Strategy and will continue its activities aimed at ensuring the sustainability of HIV and TB services in the Kyiv region.

Advocacy activity of “Convictus Ukraine” is carried out within the framework of the PITCH project and joint activities with the charitable organization “Light of Hope”, supported by the Network of PLWH.

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