Training for Journalists “Violence and Marginalized Women: Recognize, Understand, Overcome!”

All-Ukrainian charity organization Convictus Ukraine is conducting a second training session for mass media representatives to update the issues of violence against marginalized women. The issue of access to assistance is particularly relevant, because women of this category can not always get it due to discriminatory provisions in shelters, shelters and centers, lack of understanding of specialists and lack of knowledge about where such assistance exists. Yes, most institutions help victims of violence, but not women who are addicted to, are Roma, or are involved in sex work.

For work on changing this situation and adequately covering the issues of violence in the media, we will talk on May 23-24, 2019 (Thursday -Friday). ACO Convictus Ukraine, together with partners, will hold a two-day training for journalists from all over Ukraine. The purpose of the event is to attract and invite leading media outlets from the project regions to writing materials on the problems of marginalized women who suffer from violence.