VINCI Social Bureau

VINCI Social Bureau – is a unique facility created by the All-Ukrainian Charitable Organization “Convictus Ukraine” to provide comprehensive support in the treatment of alcohol, drug dependence and gambling addiction. The Social Bureau collaborates with a wide network of professional partners, while its employees are experienced professionals who can meet the client’s need on the basis of peer-to-peer principle, complemented with specialized medical and social assistance. The VINCI Bureau is committed to helping to overcome bureaucratic barriers to registration and treatment and other obstacles to recovery.


Applying to the Social Bureau, you can obtain the following:


  • Tailor-made approach, flexibility in addressing a request;
  • Comprehensive information on dependence and methods of treatment;
  • Referral to treatment and rehabilitation institutions;
  • Selection of the most optimal treatment model;
  • Support at all stages of treatment.


VINCI Social Bureau provides the following services to the dependent people:


  • Counseling of psychologist;
  • Counseling of a social worker;
  • Individual social support in addressing health problems;
  • Individual selection of a rehabilitation center and providing discounts for rehabilitation payments;
  • Management by a doctor or counselor during treatment.


The VINCI social bureau support the relatives of people with dependencies, providing the following services:


  • Dependency counseling;
  • Counseling by a psychologist;
  • Rapid tests for HIV/hepatitis;
  • Training sessions;
  • Legal counseling;
  • Individual psychotherapy;
  • Group psychotherapy.


Contact person: Tetyana Ivanova, facility director, [email protected]