What prevents to overcome tuberculosis in Ukraine?

What prevents to overcome tuberculosis in Ukraine?

Tuberculosis underdevelopment is one of the problems that Ukraine has been struggling with over a long period of the TB epidemic. Olga Klymenko, leader of the patient community of TBpeopleUkraine and chairman of the Steering Committee of the National Partnership “Stop TB. Ukraine”, explained why this issue is still relevant and what influences its solution.

The main factors of non-detection of tuberculosis:

– Rejection of the disease to oneself.

– Incomplete mechanisms of the patient’s treatment.

– No national information campaign has been launched to combat the epidemic.

– Not in all regions local authorities take responsibility in the conditions of decentralization.

There is a state strategy in the context of decentralization, according to which you can create your programs and activities at the local level. However, if this issue is not a priority for the authorities, no action is taken.