Year of support and active work to bring our victory closer

Year of support and active work to bring our victory closer

Before the 24th February 2022, we had strategic plans, goals and dreams. On the 24th, we woke up from explosions, realizing that russia started its full-scale invasion to destroy our nation and our freedom.

During the war, civil society organizations became a strong shield for the vulnerable populations. We mobilized all our strength and capacity to confront the enemy and help those in need.

“This year demonstrated the unprecedented solidarity of Ukrainians, their courage and superpower. Throughout the year of war, the team of Convictus Ukraine has been committed to overcoming the emerging challenges. We offered a wide range of services for people affected by the war. We have not stopped even for a day and today we continue providing vital services to our clients. We strengthen partnerships, raise humanitarian assistance, and create new support services. This year has changed us completely, it made us stronger, and we will not stop in our fight.

Over the year, Convictus Ukraine provided support and services to 34,625 Ukrainians. We ensured sustainable implementation of our HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis programs, initiated robust activities to support women, children, and large families; launched humanitarian services and scaled up the capacity of shelters for IDPs. Throughout the times of war, people were able to find help, support, warmth, and hope in our Organization.

We continue engaging resources to be able to take care of those who are in need.

We would like to thank all our partners for their cooperation in those challenging times and for all kinds of support they provided, and we continue our work for our Victory and for the wellbeing of our country,” said Yevheniia Kyvshynova, Executive Director, Convictus Ukraine.

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